Hello, I am an experienced Health Wellness and Relationship life coach, based in Calgary Alberta Canada. Ready to help you with life challenges.
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Life coach and Relationship coaches in Calgary

I have had many people involved with me throughout my 40 plus years, who I now call my teachers.

They were placed in my life to help me grow and teach me the meaning of self-love. I had difficulties with my health in my mid 20s and went through eight surgeries. During those years my faith was tested along with my mental well-being. I was married for several years but we grew apart for many reasons. This was a positive game-changer for me , it allowed me to gain access to my deepest pain and be vulnerable to my deepest fears, which gave me the courage , strength to heal and grow. It’s easy to be stuck with old patterns from the past and replay thoughts and emotions which caused pain. I made a conscious choice to start over and start a new chapter of life.


I am a certified and experienced Health and Wellness Coach based in Calgary.