Hello, I am an experienced Health Wellness and Relationship life coach, based in Calgary Alberta Canada. Ready to help you with life challenges.
Life coach Calgary Alberta, Relationship coach Calgary Alberta, Health and Wellness Coach Calgary Alberta
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What is a coach?

Coaching is a wellness professional trained to help you gain long-term fulfillment. To clear your pathway creating a healthier balanced life.  This can be in relationships or overall well-being,


Benefits of Coaching?

  • Improving self-confidence
  • More momentum
  • Helps you reach your potential
  • New ways of thinking
  • Overcoming old beliefs
  • Gives you direction


What areas of Coaching do you specialize in?

As a Coach I specialize in helping clients improve their overall well-being.


  • Mental Health. Wellness (anxiety, depression, stress etc…)
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-Worth
  • Beliefs
  • Relationships. With my Coaching, I help clients in personal relationships or in a relationship that has ended.
  • Past trauma
  • Communication
  • Past emotions
  • Guilt


How often will we meet?

Depending on the package chosen. It can be once a week or twice a week. Each session is 60 mins.


What if I need you before our next meeting?

I am here in between sessions if you need to make a call. (Always)


How does the process work?

  1. First, we set up a free consultation over the phone to discuss your needs and goals and to ensure we click well.
  2. Then we can discuss the package that is best suited for your long-term success.
  3. Then we agree to get going!
  4. I will then get started right away with putting the material together for our first meeting. I’ll then be in touch to give you more detail about our first meeting.


What about COVID?

We can meet on Zoom and undertake telephone sessions – with WhatsApp and telephone support in between. If we do meet – it will be within accepted COVID regulations. I will send these over at the time we need to arrange a meeting.


Do you only Coach in Calgary?

No, I can Coach you anywhere – although I am based in Calgary – we can use Zoom and the telephone to ensure your sessions are productive and of course, helpful.