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Hello, I am an experienced Health Wellness and Relationship life coach, based in Calgary Alberta Canada. Ready to help you with life challenges.
Life coach Calgary Alberta, Relationship coach Calgary Alberta, Health and Wellness Coach Calgary Alberta
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The Aura

The Aura consists of different colors…

What is an Aura?
The Aura consists of different colours, that can surround the whole body. Mainly the Aura colours surround the head in different form shapes….Aura colours are orange, purple ranging through to lilac; an assortment of blues; various shades of green; yellow , browns, then there are lighter shades of silver..
These different colours, allow me to see what’s going on around you and what you are seeking for an intuitive guidance session. This includes your past, present and future, You don’t have to be present as this can be done over email, phone and Skype. I am very blessed and have clients in Canada & United States.


Our Soul is here to grow and overcome challenges. These challenges are not a test but our journey! We must face each challenge knowing there is a purpose surrounding each obstacle to overcome and move forward. By doing this the soul then releases past experiences, to make room for growth – Tanya Blaney